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    Recommended Reading List

    If you're serious about developing yourself and your business then you need to be reading at least one business/self improvement book each month.

    People say 'But Nige, I haven't got the time'

    Yes you have. We all goof off. Watch TV. Laze around

    Sure, it's important to relax.

    But if you took one hour a day and converted it into positive action or learning - for yourself and your family - then at the end of the year you'd have captured over 15 days worth (that's 24 hour days worths!) of time to build for your future.

    So, move the TV remote and begin reading, for the benefit of the most important person in the world. You.

    I read a lot. I squeeze it in. I have 7 minutes every evening to read.

    You see, Sue and I always go to bed together. What I mean is, that in the 21 years we've been married one of us never goes up to bed without the other. It's become a habit. Now Sue takes 7 minutes longer than me to get ready for bed - so I have 7 minutes of completely uninterrupted time every single day of the week - and I use it to read.

    Some of my best learnings and biggest discoveries have come in those 7 minute sessions.

    Study- don't Read.
    I study the books I read.

    I write all over them. I use highlighter pens, I'll tear pages out if I find something worthwhile. A friend of mine who is a teacher was appalled when she found this out. She said it was 'sacrilege'.

    I disagree. We're not in the middle ages. Most books cost less than £10 from Amazon. I want to use these books to help my business. I'm not interested in having a book-shelf full of nice pristine books that I can say I've read. I want useful hints, tips, ideas, things I can do to make my business better, to improve my lot in life.

    That's what I mean by 'studying' books - not reading them.

    And if I get a boring page or chapter, I just skip it.

    Here's my 'Starter' collection of recommended books. It's split into two 'Phases'.

    Phase 1 books are what I consider to be the most important. They contain the most nuggets and should be the most helpful. Read these first.
    Once you have finished those you can tackle the Phase 2 list.

    Happy Reading!


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