Entrepreneurs Circle

    Introduction To Digital Marketing

    Does your business even need to be online? Do you really need to invest time and effort in promoting your business on the web? Maybe you’d achieve your goals faster if you focussed offline…

    This one-day introduction to digital marketing goes right back to basics. There’s no “shiny object” giddiness on offer here.

    Remember Foursquare? Friends Reunited? The “next big thing” always gets lots of attention, but it’s easy to get caught out and arrive at the party just in time to see everyone else leave.

    As well as provide a valuable introduction to world of online marketing, this interactive day is a great place to find out more about our whole digital marketing training programme, enabling you to make an informed choice about which more in-depth courses would be right for you...

    Course Content

    Discover how to work out what your business should be doing online
    Find out whether Social Media is the right place for you, or Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn and SEO
    Understand how and why most businesses waste money online

    22nd July - Book Now